A Cause must be Compelling!

Something’s Gotta Change is a ministry committed to the spiritual health and development of pastors and their wives. This is accomplished through a simple structure of bringing pastors and their wives together in gender based groups of 3 to fill in the gaps needed for sustainable ministry.

Grow purposefully together (Goals/Reality/Options/Work it)
Accountability – Character questions/common confession
Praying together
Studying God’s Word together

Pastors worldwide are in crisis. Our commitment to relational and spiritual health goes deeper then practices but to underlying values of relationship essential for vulnerability and connectedness.

Freedom – No Oppression
Equality – No Inferiority
Confidentiality – No Insecurity
Transparency – No Fear

Through these values and practices we are finding that Trios provide an experience of spiritual and relational health that becomes self-sustaining and self-replicating.  Trios meet a great need in the lives of pastors and wives who live in isolation and suspicion of one another yet are in desperate need of grace filled encouragement and accountability.

As of July 2015 over 2,400 pastors and wives meet in trios through an expanding network of 47 villages in central Malawi.

If you want to run fast, run alone. If you want to run far, run together!