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Sustainability theme in 2015

Powerful Prayer Experienced

Trios come together to pray and experience God's intervention

Marriages on the Mend

Marriages of pastors are being changed through trios

Trios save Marriages!

A Grief Shared

A Pastor shares how his Trio helped him recover from the loss of his wife.

New Tires - Expanding Ministry

A grant proposal brings $2,500 for new tires for our two trucks. A ministry trip to Southern Malawi accomplishes much in 4 days.


An amazing story of a chiefs son's journey to reconciliation

Expanding Trios to Southern Malawi

Something's Gotta Change Trio ministry is expanding to Southern Malawi!


The ministry is healthy, adding leaders, expanding in impact. During our two-day leadership retreat out leaders cast the vision to reach all Malawi with the mission of bringing health and encouragement to pastors and their wives through Trios. That means Trios in all the 29 districts that make up Malawi.

Travel Plans & Leadership Development

I am getting excited as my trip to Malawi is just around the corner in early September!
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