Sustainability theme in 2015

Posted by Gary on July 10, 2015

My June 2015 trip to Malawi was a very strategic time as we gained great clarity about creating sustainability in all of our ministry strategies.

The ministry is healthy, adding leaders, expanding in impact. The transition from doing the ministry to developing leaders for sustainability was identified and embraced.  

As you follow this ministry is God drawing your heart to the life changing work He is doing in the lives of pastors and their wives? If so would you pray about being a financial partner with us now! The ministry has grown by 30% this past year.  Over 2,000 pastors and their wives are coming to know the blessing of being known, accepted, supported and developed in life. One pastors wife said that for the first time in her life she experienced the blessing of being prayed for by being in a Trio with two other women.