A Grief Shared

Posted by Tim on November 18, 2013

IMG_0446.JPGThe village of Ukwe was a long and bumpy dirt road of endurance when Elaine and I traveled there in 2012.  Maxwell Gama is one of the pastors now in Trios and is pastor of “Victory in Jesus” church.  He shares his testimony of how his trio led him to Jesus and victory through one of the most trying experiences one can go through in life.  He says,

“I thank the Lord for using my trio to restore my life in the loss of my wife. I lost my wife and it devastated my life, I thought I was not spiritual or I did not pray enough and that is why my wife died. I was so angry to the point that I decided never to marry again.  But thanks be to God through my trio partners.  Through their help I was able to understand the situation.  For the first time in my life in ministry, I have experienced true loving friendship in my trio partners. This is a new thing to me and it is lovely, I indeed have life partners to help me through hard times.  I then met a wonderful woman and we were married in my church “Victory in Jesus”!  

The ministry of Trios brings pastors together so they do not shoulder life alone but help each other look to Jesus during the most difficult of times.  Would Maxwell still be a pastor in Ukwe today if he had to go it alone?

I am asking if you will pray with us during these last weeks of 2013 for God’s leading in becoming a partner with Something’s Gotta Change.  Help empower this expanding movement of Trios that bring pastors together in true community.  Would you pray about a monthly pledge of $25, $50 or $100 to help us reach more pastors like Maxwell?  In 2013 we saw the ministry double to 35 villages with 750 Trios that’s over 2,200 pastors and wives.   We are asking for you to pray and as God leads join us in seeing Trios spread across Malawi.

Thank You