Kingdom Advancement!

Posted by Gary on March 14, 2013

Dear Friends,

The reality of ministry in Africa became personally obvious to our team as our leader Diamond contracted a severe case of Malaria and was sick and incapacitated for two weeks. But we are blessed that he is now well and fully recovered. We have known several people in Malawi that have died from Malaria so it is always a serious challenge for people to navigate.

The ministry continued during this time with our other leader James. Here is a recent report of how God is at work in a tremendous way and the impact at a new villages as well as one of our ongoing ministries.

On Monday we were at Bisa Village 4 kilometers northwest of Nkhumbwe. I was accompanied by Bizwiki Maso on this date. On arriving we were welcomed by a group of leaders, chiefs and spouses, all numbering 111.

I started the training and yet in my spirit I felt something was not right, I did not know what it was but I was not successful at all. Then I asked them if all of them are saved only three out of the crowd of people were sure of their salvation, then I noticed that the reason why I felt resistance was the lack of relationship with the Lord. So I paused the training and started preaching the Gospel and after spending enough time explaining about how they can get saved I made an alter call 108 people including 11 chiefs rose to pray asking Jesus to forgive them and invited him to be Lord and savior of their souls. The chiefs appreciated this meeting and said that it has helped them to have eternal life as they have received power to be called the children of God.

On Tuesday we were at Chiwamba to see how our brothers are doing and how is the ministry doing in people’s lives. 48 pastors, leaders and spouses came; it was a wonderful celebration where many testimonies were given of Answered prayers in trios, encouraged though times are tough and bible knowledge and love for the word increased. The groups are increasing; they now have 31 groups of trios that meet weekly in their various locations. I taught on prayer and let the groups pray for their various needs.

We continue our plans for traveling to Malawi two months from now on May 14th. Thank you for your prayers as God brings the ministry and the work in Malawi to mind.

That His Kingdom Would Increase,