Marriages on the Mend

Posted by Gary on December 19, 2013

With over 30 years of ministry I have come to know that church programs don’t change lives – being in real community does!  So… “Something’s Gotta Change”!  Thank you for praying about a monthly financial pledge or a one-time year end gift to Something’s Gotta Change and the ministry to pastors and wives in Malawi. 

Here are two new testimonies.  Is change taking place in Malawi?  When the “Mrs.” is the one saying something’s changing you know something’s changing!

Mrs. Mawaya says “I thank God for how my stingy husband is transformed through a trio marriage evaluation form. We took that exercise seriously and worked together with my husband. After we rated ourselves and then came and discussed about our differences and from then my husband has changed. Now I know where the finances are and how much. He is so tender with me in such a way that he gives me gifts that were not possible before. May the Lord bless trio ministry.”

Mrs. Namalima, “I thank God for how accountability questions has helped my husband to change.  He was a man of God of no value to me.  He would not work or be concerned with the family affairs.  I was helpless at the garden, but now we are together and I thank God for how trio has helped to change my husband.”

These stories are spreading throughout the church in Malawi.  With two weeks left this December thank you for praying about the gift you would give to empower the expanding network of Trios and life change for pastors, their families and thousands of people in their churches.