Trios save Marriages!

Posted by Gary on November 27, 2013

Area Champions who over see 4-5 villages held a two-day retreat last week along with their wives.  There are now nine of these champions with a goal of having 16 by this time next year.  The life change in these leaders is paving the way for pastors and their wives to find a health and wholeness!  Diamond our ministry leader shares conversations with Area Leaders and their wives during this retreat.

“Tuesday night Lawrence and his wife visited me and my wife, and they said we thank God for how he has brought love in our marriage, we have been married for a long time but we never new real love and how to treat each other. The wife continued “I almost gave up on him he was stubborn and he would not listen to anything I said, but now he is moving toward the right direction, he is becoming the husband I have always wanted.”

The same Tuesday evening I was with Masauko and his wife dropping her at the bus stage as she was going back home, she confesses, “Had it been for Trio coming Masauko would have been single because I had planned to leave him, it was just a matter of the right timing.”

Diamond goes on to say, “Time is running out, there are many leaders out there who needs this healing urgently; they need our attention and help. A Sick leader will lead a sick church and a sick church will lead into a sick community, and a sick community will lead to a dying nation may the Lord help us.”

Please pray with me in these last weeks of 2013.  Would you be willing to pray and listen and as God leads financially join us in this ministry!  

Thank you,