A Victory Over Traditional Practices

Posted by Gary on April 9, 2013

Dear Friends,

The ministry in Malawi continues to be blessed by God as the life change through Trios continues to multiply. By bringing pastors and their wives together in Triads to pray, study God’s Word, develop each other in character through a set of accountability questions and peer mentoring the Holy Spirit is convicting and changing lives. Here again is a story of the impact we are seeing as conveyed by Diamond our ministry leader.

“Lastly on Friday the 5th April we were at Mphalapala center for celebration 12 pastors, leaders and chiefs were present for the celebration. As I shared with you the same revolution is taking place at Mphalapala, real life change from a drunkard and smoker into sober leaders who are now leading by examples all because of their exposure to truth as they follow the four practices in trios. A pastor also was helped not to commit himself to the village beliefs system, whereby when you have a child and he is grown up and your wife is expectant, they have to give the living child some traditional medicine to prevent this growing child from death, or malnutrition. He refused and rejected the idea but he was afraid because that is the wife’s village not his own, but when he consulted his trio friends about the development and his stand on the matter, they encouraged him and said to him; it is a good decision and should stand on truth that Jesus is our protector, healer and nutrition provider. He was encouraged and now the wife has a new baby and the growing one is just fine and health, so he praised the Lord for what God has done to him through trio ministry.”

In my next report I will share with you the numerical impact of the number of pastors and wives now involved in a trio. The ministry has now spread to 19 villages, champions continued to be developed and you will soon hear how the ministry is moving beyond central Malawi and even across boarders.

That His Kingdom Would Increase,